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Meet Dr. Nancy Sylvanie

I am Dr. Nancy Sylvanie. I was born in New York, but her parents chose to rear her in the state of Nevada. I was a nurse, teacher, university professor, and now a doctor. She acquired her elementary and secondary education in Boulder City, Nevada. She credits her parents with providing a nurturing environment throughout her childhood. To their tribute, they prepared her for life by teaching her etiquette, life skills, the importance of tenacity, how to drive a car, and how to successfully manage adulthood. In addition, they consistently encouraged her to continue her education throughout the terminal degree. They are absolutely essential in the success that Nancy enjoys today.

My credentials are: PN, BS, MS, Ed.D, PhD, CBM, ND. Having acquired both a Bachelor's and Master's degree in education, Nancy continued on the educational journey to pursue the doctorate degree in educational/organizational leadership and Autism. My CBM and ND were obtained in Atlanta GA. This choice was extremely fitting for Nancy, as she had an almost endless array of accomplishments, experiences, and awards already mastered. She had also enjoyed activities few would dare.

For example, Nancy recently traveled to China on one occasion to teach workshops to the teachers and principals with Autistic children. On the second trip she was consulting with a group of 50 Autistic children and their parents. With over 30 years of educational experience, she had a wealth of knowledge from which to draw. Prior to teaching, she had begun the educational process for a private psychiatric nursing career. All of these pursuits contributed to the knowledgeable professional who is more than deserving of the award of her doctorate degree.

During these years of teaching, Nancy's voluntary participation in professional development opportunities is noteworthy. In addition to Autism conferences, Nancy has attended special education teacher-facilitator training, Visions Conferences, computer training classes, Individual Education Plan writing workshops, Inclusion conferences, and student assistance teacher training. Although the conferences, workshops, and training seminars Nancy has attended are far too numerous to list individually, they each contributed to the well-rounded professional she has become.
Finally, Nancy has been honored within the educational community for her many contributions. In 2015…..I received an AWARD from the International Who’s Who as the Professional of the Year. 

Dr. Nancy Sylvanie

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